Sony Xperia Z6: Pressure Sensitive Display Rumoured

Since the time that Apple bringsĀ 3D Touch for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, it has changed the way we thick about Smartphone’s. This year many high end devices are rumoured to have similar kind of features. It additionally prompted a huge amount of rumours and reports that numerous organisations would be bouncing on board the temporary fad, with Samsung and Sony being named one of them.

Xperia Z6

In any case it would seem that Sony may need in on the enjoyment too on the grounds that as per a report from MobiPicker, it has been reputed that Sony could acquaint a pressureĀ touchy display with the up and coming Sony Xperia Z6. At this time the organization’s most recent flagship is the Xperia Z5, so accepting Sony is going to continue doing what they’re doing, the Xperia Z6 will in all likelihood be their next flagship smartphone.

Sony Xperia Z6 Display Rumours

The Xperia Z6 Smartphone is rumoured to have 5.2 inch large 4K resolution display with pressure sensitive features.

As indicated by MobiPicker’s source, they assert that Sony will consolidate their own form of a weight touchy display. In light of this suggest can’t help thinking that Sony may attempt to make their own display, rather than depending on outsider suppliers like Synaptics who in the relatively recent past declared weight delicate display parts.

Obviously given this is talk it ought to be best brought with a grain of salt for the present, however with telephones like the Huawei Mate S effectively wearing a comparative component, it wouldn’t generally be an astonishment to see more OEMs get energetic about the thought.

We will update you soon with more updates of Xperia Z6 Smartphone here. So, stay tuned with us. Till then you can check Sony’s current flagship Xperia z5 review here: