Key Features that HTC 10 (One M10) Must have

The HTC One series has been one of my favourite mobile flagships over the last couple of years. I was fairly happy with the main total when the somewhat bigger and better HTC One M8 was released.

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I have considered that perhaps I just felt underwhelmed by the M9 just because the Samsung Galaxy S6, a strong rival for the HTC One both in performance and in release dates, had such a big year this year. With the S6’s layout change along with the inclusion of the Galaxy S6 Edge, anything released close to the S6 would have had hard competition. At the conclusion of the day, though, the M9 actually was lacking in certain areas that are pretty simple to fix. This year as well Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphones are launched with a display size of 5.3 inch and LG G5 with 5.1 inch Always on display.

Which is the reason why I think that in regards to next year’s model, the HTC One M10 aka HTC 10 (or MX, or whatever they wind up calling it) should be fairly easy to tweak to be able to win back the hearts of consumers.

The Upgraded HTC One M10 Camera

First and foremost, HTC still needs to focus on the camera facet of matters. It did not function well for individuals attempting to crop or enlarge the photographs while UltraPixel may have worked for people like me who mostly browse pictures on their telephone.

With the M9, HTC chose to swap the UltraPixel camera out on the rear of the device for a more conventional 20-megapixel camera. The camera does not feature OIS (optical image stabilization), but instead EIS (electronic image stabilization), which is the same theory as OIS except for EIS stabilizes the picture electronically via the software. It’s a more affordable method of reaching a similar effect, but EIS can reduce the grade of the picture. Although EIS does not irritate many folks (myself included) it does trouble quite a few with the reduction in image quality. OIS might be a better choice for the next generation HTC One. Below is an teaser video launch by HTC official youtube channel:

Fingerprint Sensor

I am about 98% sure that this is going to be a characteristic in the next HTC One device, particularly considering that it’s a feature of the HTC One M9 (not available in the States). It is a real comfort in knowing that my things can not be accessed by anybody aside from me, although I never realized until I had one, how much I ‘d recognize the fingerprint sensor. while I look for a new telephone later on, a fingerprint sensor is going to be a must have feature for me.


The last thing that I’d like to see on the next generation HTC One is a layout that is distinct. I’m still fairly pleased with the aluminum stuff used to house the HTC One’s innards and find it to be premium in both look and feel. Nevertheless, I do believe that the layout should be tweaked somehow. You know that the designs of the M9 and the M8 are not overly dissimilar when one of your own workers mixes up which telephone is which in an ad. I believe this was probably one of the largest reasons that consumers were not exactly jumping with joy over the M9.

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Besides that, I think the HTC One 10 is still a device that is really solid. Dual front-facing BoomSound loudspeakers, microSD card slot (an increasingly uncommon feature these days), and (subjectively) features one of the better Android UIs in the form of HTC Awareness all make for an excellent phone. However, competition is fierce these days and you’re going to have to nail all leading components of the phone, should you would like to be the best of the best.

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Readers, what are your thoughts about the HTC One these days? Do you believe the M9 was a great upgrade to the M8, or are you really hoping to see more with the following generation? Let us know your ideas in the comments below!

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